HACK - Measure Water Temperature

What: Use a digital aquarium thermometer to measure water temperature with your ROV

Who: MATE Summer Institute

ROV System: Payload and Instrumentation

Competition Class: ALL

Pros: Inexpensive, readily available from web stores, reads in Celsius.

Cons: Battery can run out.  Accuracy can be sketchy, be sure to calibrate

MATE Insights: Using a digital aquarium thermometer is an easy and inexpensive method to measure water temperature on your ROV.  This type of thermometer can be easily extended by cutting the cable and extending it with additional wire (soldering is required).  There are two wires in the cable that need to be extended.  The extension should match the length of your tether.  Since at least one of these connections will likely be underwater, make sure you waterproof any soldering connections.  After extending the line you should test the instrument for accuracy and to make sure you have waterproof connections.

Search Terms: Digital aquarium thermometer

Interesting Bits: You can build your own using an LM35 chip

Compiled by: Jim McDonnell, P.E., MATE Engineering Instructor