Professional Development

BARRACUDA Professional Development Workshop
July 12-16, 2021
ETSU Valleybrook Campus
Kingsport, Tennessee


Advanced Underwater Vehicle Workshop:  This workshop will focus on the soon-to-be released SeaMATE Barracuda 2.0 ROV.  Participants in this workshop will assemble the Barracuda 2.0 in analog mode, then convert the Barracuda to digital mode, programming the built-in Arduino to control the underwater robot. 

This workshop is designed for instructors and mentors who have competed in at least one MATE ROV Competition and are looking to improve their knowledge base and skills and to incorporate programming into their ROV lessons.  

The workshop is taking place July 12-16 at STREAMWORKS on the Eastern Tennessee State University (ETSU) Valleybrook campus near Kingsport, Tennessee.  

The workshop fee is $1,200, which covers the cost of the Barracuda kit.  Instructors and mentors may be eligible for funds to cover this fee via the following grants:

  • Niswonger Foundation Department of Education.  This grant supports instructors and mentors in rural communities participating in the STEM LD collaborative facilitated through STREAMWORKS.
  • Tennessee Valley Robotics.  This grant supports instructors and mentors in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) service area. 
  • MATE II’s National Center for Autonomous Technologies subaward.  This grant will provide up to 4 kits to instructors and mentors outside of the Niswonger and Tennessee Valley Robotics service areas.

NOTE: Instructors and mentors must cover their own travel expenses

Please contact Dennis Courtney ( and Jill Zande ( to inquire about grant funds.

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