TIP - No Duct Tape!

What: Duct tape or electrical tape eventually unravel with constant immersion in water.   Self-fusing silicone tape is better for use underwater and will not unravel.

Who: MATE Staff

ROV System: Multiple

Competition Class: ALL

Pros: Self-fusing silicone tape is very strong, easy to work with, readily available, and a good electrical insulator

Cons: Single use and costs more than duct or electrical tape

MATE Insights: Self-fusing silicone tape is really cool stuff and can be applied over wet surfaces.  Since it fuses to itself, you simply stretch the tape as you wrap it.  This tape is great for making those emergency tether repairs, whipping the flex casing on your tether ends, or attaching wires to your frame.  The tape is available at most local hardware and home building stores, as well as online sources.  

Search Terms: X-Treme tape, Rescue Tape, Fixit Tape, and Miracle Wrap

Interesting bits: Comes in a lot of colors

Compiled by: Jim McDonnell, P.E., MATE Engineering Instructor