TRICK - Improve Grip on Toggle Switches

What: Achieve easier movement of toggle switches on your control box by extending the length of the switch arms using corks or wooden dowels.

Who: Bolsa Knolls Middle School - Salinas, CA

ROV System: Controls

Competition Class: SCOUT

Pros: Easy to do and very low cost

Cons: May fall off

MATE Insight: Although this might look a little funny, the added leverage makes pushing the switches much easier.  When using these add-ons, the controller may seem like a totally new kind of control box. This can be used on the SeaMATE AngelFish ROV kits.

Interesting bits: If you fancy that knobby, old-school joystick feel, you can use champagne corks!

Compiled by: Jim McDonnell, P.E., MATE Engineering Instructor